Monthly Archives: April 2016

Billions of noisy bugs are about to take the East Coast by storm for the first time in 17 years


You’ll hear them from a mile away. This spring, billions of cicadas will come up from underground, creating a symphony that the east coast hasn’t heard since 1999. Cicadas are large, clunky insects with translucent wings and wide set eyes. They are divided up into different broods, or year-classes, based on when they emerge. There are twelve […]

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More than 170 countries signed a pact today that could shape the future of the planet


REUTERS/Mal Langsdon See Also 15 dramatic images of an Indian island that has slowly shrunk down to half its former size You can now tour the Arctic Ocean on a luxury cruise thanks to climate change Sea levels are rising faster than they have in 28 centuries — and it spells a worrisome reality for […]

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Teens shop on Amazon!


Amazon leads the way in attracting teen shoppers This story was delivered to BI Intelligence “E-Commerce Industry Insider” subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. An overwhelming majority of U.S. teens say they shop online, and Amazon is the undisputed king of the e-commerce jungle in this regard. Amazon is the “preferred shopping […]

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How to make sure you never pay an ATM fee


China Photos / Stringer / Getty Images That little fee tacked onto your withdrawal when you use an automatic teller machine outside your bank network is not only annoying — it’s a terrible financial move. Just a few dollars might seem insignificant at the time, but what you may not think about is that ATM […]

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What it’s like in the world’s most violent city


Thomson ReutersA macaw flies over buildings with Avila Mountain in the background in Caracas. The latest edition of the most violent cities in the world index from the Mexican nongovernmental organization Citizen’s Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, ranking the world’s cities with populations over 300,000 people by their homicide rates, was released in […]

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